Gaudiya Math – Its Message and Activities

It may be asked – what does the Gaudiya Math do? Is the Gaudiya Math merely one other association like the thousands of sects that are to be found in this world? Or, is the Gaudiya Math one of the many mischievous organizations that carry on their activities in the world? What work does the Gaudiya Math do for the benefit of the world? Is the Gaudiya Math affectionate like a mother, a protector like a father or a helper like a brother? What good does the Gaudiya Math do to the world, what well-being of society does it desire, what very valuable service does it render to mankind that the world, the civilized world, or the whole of mankind, should listen to its message? — Many such questions may arise in our minds. The Gaudiya Math is not an association like the thousands of sects. The Gaudiya Math is not desirous of the welfare or non-welfare of the world like other benefit-or-mischief-making societies. The Gaudiya Math does not do work that is beneficial or harmful in terms of worldly enjoyments. The Gaudiya Math is neither affectionate nor cruel like a worldly mother, neither protector nor destroyer like a worldly father, neither helper or enemy like a worldly brother. What then is this Gaudiya Math that the world should listen to its words?

The majority of the people of the world, although they profess to be positivists, fail to see, although it must be quite patent, the greatest of all the phenomena. They at any rate forget it in practice even when they appear to know. The greatest of the positivists like Charvaka, although he could not but have observed this greatest of all the phenomena, failed to take notice of it; that great phenomenon is generally known by the name of Death If the memory of this great event is retained in our minds we would assuredly be solicitous of the Amrita (deathlessness). The Shruti says we are all children of the Amrita—heirs of the Amrita.

In this world there are found two kinds of endeavour for obtaining this Amrita. Like unto the sons of kings of the epochs recorded in history some try to ascend the throne of their father by treason against the father; on the other hand loyal sons in seeking to be heirs of a kind-hearted and affectionate father look upon constant service as being both the means and the end.

The Gaudiya Math understands the last-named as being the appropriate and eternal method why is it appropriate? Because – “Sri Krishna, the tidings of Whom whosoever listens to or sings is sanctified; the Benefactor of all holy persons appearing in the hearts of all who listen to the accounts of Himself destroys the evil propensities of their hearts to the very root”. (Srimad Bhagavatam). This seed of sin or sinful desire or ignorance, Avidya is the cause of the worldly sojourn of the Jiva.

Just as the best physician, even if the patient evinces a desire for unwholesome food does not allow it; in like manner he who is himself aware of Nishreyah, the highest good never advises an ignorant person to do karma, work for his own interest.

Most people of the world forgetful of their own Home under the spell of the enchantress are running headlong in the opposite direction – in this performance again their intoxication, eagerness, concentration and firm determination are so intense that they have indeed very little opportunity to think about Home. But the voice of the Gaudiya Math, the flying, red-tinted banner of Gaudiya Math arresting the ear and the eye of all persons is ever proclaiming “SAY KRISHNA, COME ALONG: THIS IS THE ONLY ALMS WE BEG’. ‘BACK TO GOD AND BACK TO HOME IS THE MESSAGE OF GAUDIYA MATH.’ “TO ARREST THE PERERTEDLY CURRENT TIDE AND TO REDIRECT IT TOWARDS THE ETERNAL SOURCE IS THE SEMINGLY UNPLEASANT DUTY OF THE GAUDIYA MATH.”

The Gaudiya Math says, “All men of the world without exception are our kin—all bids and beasts, grass and shrubs are our kindred; whatsoever conscious being wheresoever existing belongs to or Supreme Lord; we shall conduct our kindred from out of the spells of the enchantress towards Home. We shall not be showing for the time being sweet sympathy for them by enabling those who have fallen into the snares of the enchantress t get more deeply entangled. Even if under spell of the enchantress they fill heaven and earth with their loud protestations against or endeavors we will still proclaim the message of the Amrita to them. “Ye that are born as men in the land of Bharata, attaining the significance of human life do good unto others.”

The Gaudiya Math embracing all without exception the inhabitants of the universe, in sadness calling upon all to turn their face towards God to be preachers of this Bhakti denoted by Kirtana, says—“Ye the righteous bidding good-bye to everything from a distance, offer the devotion of your hearts to the Feet of Chaitanya-Chandra”.

The life led by the inmates of the Gaudiya Math is a matter of Supreme interest to everyone of us. It is not possible to convey the adequate idea of it by description. It I necessary to live under the roof of the Gaudiya Math with a perfectly open mind to realize the spirit of its atmosphere of pure service The Gaudiya Math is not the place for those who are disposed to be merely critical. They will not find anything that is flattering to their passion of destructive criticism. Those who are sincerely desirous of learning to live a life of service and are prepared to put forth their serious endeavour in all real humility of this purpose are sure to be benefited.

The Gaudiya Math is a truly scientific, catholic, practical seminary for ensuring the highest spiritual benefit of all persons without distinction of caste creed, color, sex or age.