Shrinatha Pandita

   Shrinatha Pandita is a disciple of Advaita Acharya. He had a famous disciple – Kavi Karnapura. the author of  Gaura-ganoddesha-dipika.  Kavi Karnapura (also called Paramananda Sena or Puri Dasa) was born in 1524 AD as the son of Shivananda Sena. 
   In the beginning of Shri Ananda Vrindavana Champu, Kavi Karnapura has offered prayers to his guru:
   “I offer my humble respects to Shrinatha, my guru, who appeared in a brahmana family like the moon rising from the ocean. Being the object of Mahaprabhu’s love, he was the crest-jewel of the earth. Whoever tasted the pure hari-katha flowing form his mouth immediately lost all attachments to worldly pleasures, and desired only to serve Radha and Krishna in Vrindavana.”
   Shri Natha Pandita resided at Kancha Para, one and a half miles from Kumar Hatta. His Deity of Shri Krishna Raya is still residing there.