Vanamali Vipra

vanamali pandita sakha vikhyata jagate
sonara musala hala dekhila prabhura hate
(C.C. 1.10.73)
Vanamali Pandita, the thirty-fifth branch of the tree, was very celebrated in this world. He saw a golden club and plow in the hands of the Lord.
Vanamali Pandita saw Lord Caitanya in the ecstasy of Balarama. This is described vividly in the Caitanya-bhagavata, Antya-lila.
Vanamali Thakura was an incarnation of Sudama Brahmana, who was afflicted by great poverty and obtained great wealth from the Lord.
(Sri Gaura Ganoddesha Dipika by Kavi Karnapura)


Vanamali Brahmana Gets Mercy
(Caitanya Managala Madhya-khanda Chapter 7 by Locana Dasa Thakura)

All glories to Gadadhara, Gauranga and Narahari. One who hears the transcendental pastimes of Lord Visvambhara will easily attain love for Krishna. Now listen to a wonderful pastime that took place in Navadvipa.

One day Mahaprabhu sat in His home along with His intimate associates. His face beaming blissfully, the Lord was speaking nectarean words. Suddenly, a brahmana named Vanamali, arrived from East Bengal with his son. He was very happy to see the Lord and His devotees.

In a choked-up voice, Vanamali said to himself, "I became poor and lost my purity, so I've come here seeking the Lord's help. I'm sure that Visvambhara is none other than God Himself. By seeing Him, the abode of all transcendental knowledge, my heart is pacified and I've attained perfection. As one gets healthy by drinking nectar, similarly, my sufferings have vanished simply by seeing Lord Gauranga."

Lord Visvambhara looked compassionately upon the brahmana and his son. He sang the glories of Hari, and gave them the treasure of Krishna-prema. Vanamali and his son danced in ecstasy. Within a  moment, their suffering disappeared. Lord Gauranga is the ocean of mercy and the best friend of the poor.

The next day Gaura-nataraja [the king of dancers] danced exuberantly in the midst of His sankirtana party. Vanamali and his son became enchanted by a most extraordinary sight. Gauranga appeared as a beautiful young boy with a body the color of a monsoon cloud. The Lord was wearing bright yellow cloth, held a flute and had a peacock feather in his hair.

All of Gauranga's followers took forms as cowherd boys of Vraja. Vanamali also saw Radharani and Syamasundara in the topmost pleasure groves of Vrndavana. He saw Giriraja-Govardhana, the Yamuna River, Bahulavana, Bhandiravana, Madhuvana and other'places in Vrndavana. They saw the cows, gopas, gopis, Gopala and the desire trees. Seeing that Madana Gopala had now appeared in Navadvipa, Vanamali and his brahmana son succumbed to ecstasy, and fell flat on the earth.

Then Vanamali brahmana hiked up his dhoti and jumped around roaring, "Krishna! Krishna! Krishnal" Mahaprabhu stopped His captivating dance and had someone restrain the brahmana.

In this way, Lord Gauranga frees anyone from his karmic reactions, and gives him love of God. Gaurasundara is decorated with a celestial garland and sandalwood paste. He has no material attachments. Gaurahari is known as navavidhata- ratna, the ever-youthful, gem-like supreme controller. The Lord has nothing to do, yet He acts in the material world for the benefit of others. Gauranga freely distributes Krishnaprema to everyone.

Maladhara, who had formerly carried Lord Krsna's venu and murali flutes in Vrajabhumi, later appeared as Vanamala Pandita, who was very dear to Lord Caitanya.
(Sri Gaura Ganoddesha Dipika by Kavi Karnapura)