Yadunandanacharya was a brahmana residing in a village called Jhamatapura, near Rajabol Hatta in the district of Hugali.
   He was a disciple of Virchandra Prabhu.
   He had two daughters – his own daughter by birth, Shrimati, and a foster daughter named Narayani.
   Both these daughters married Birchandra.
   The marriage of Birchandra Prabhu has been mentioned in the Bhakti Ratnakara of Shri Narahari Chakravarti Thakura as follows: 
   "Near Rajabol Hatta is Jhamatpura. Shri Jahnava Mata went there to the Temple of one of her disciples. There, lived the brahmana Yadunandana Acharya. By the mercy of Shri Jahanava Mata he was endowed with great devotion. Yadunandana had a wife named Lakshmi. It was said that she was a pure and highly religous wife. They had two daughters – Shrimati and Narayani. Their bodily beauty was wonderful beyond compare. Upon the wish of Jahnava Mata that fortunate brahmana gave his two daughters to be wed to Birchandra Prabhu."