Ramadasa Brahmana – Video

One day during His tour in South India, Lord Chaitanya went to have darshana of Shri Ranganath in Siddhavata. There He met a brahmana who invited Him to his house. The brahmana was a Devotee of Shri Rama and continually chanted the name of Rama. From his house, Lord Chaitanya went for darshana of Shri Skanda deva in Skanda kshetra and Shri Trivikrama deva, then again returned to the house of the brahmana in Siddhavata. This time He found that the brahmana was chanting the name of Krishna. When Mahaprabhu asked the reason for this, the brahmana replied, “The Holy Name of Krishna has come to my lips after seeing You. Now I know that You are Krishna Himself.” Saying this he began to cry, holding the feet of the Lord, who showered His blessings upon him.

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