Vanamali Acarya

He lived in Navadvipa and negotiated Mahaprabhu's first marriage with Laksmi devi.  He was Visvamitra in Krishna lila.
The same person who appeared as Visvamitra Muni, who arranged the marriage of Lord Ramacandra, and who also appeared as the brahmana messenger sent by Srimati Rukmini-devi to Lord Kesava, also appeared in Lord Caitanya's pastimes as Vanamali Acarya, who was famous as a learned astrologer.
(Sri Gaura Ganoddesha Dipika by Kavi Karnapura)

The Matchmaker Vanamali
(Caitanya Managala Adi-khanda Chapter 3 by Locana Dasa Thakura)
One day Sacimata took Gaurahari by the hand and engaged Him in education. Giving Him to the panditas, Saci humbly requested, "O great ones, please instruct my son. Keep Him near You. Please shower Him with affection and treat Him just like your own son." 
Hearing this, the brahmanas, feeling a bit hesitant, replied humbly, "Today we have received a rare fortune. Sacimata, you have given us charge of the one who is loved by millions of  Sarasvatis, goddesses of learning. He will teach the whole world to chant the holy name, and give His love to everyone. Sacimata, you should know that we will definitely learn from Him." After leaving her son with the panditas, Sacidevi returned home.
Sometime later Visvambhara studied under Vishnu Pandita. Visvambhara, the guru of the universe, blessed Sudarsana and Gangadasa by also leaming from them. Accepting a human form, the Supreme Lord as Visvambhara studied and taught like an ordinary man. He did this to bless the people of the world.
One day in the tol [school] of Pandita Sudarsana, the Lord joked with His classmates. Smiling ever so sweetly, He humorously imitated the strange speech of the residents of East Bengal. Visvambhara's frolics pleased and enchanted everyone.
At another time, Visvambhara visited the asrama of Vanamali Acarya. The Lord offered respects to the venerable acarya. Standing up to receive the Lord, Vanamali took Visvambhara by the hand and walked outside to the road. They talked humorously together. 
Just then the daughter of Vallabhacarya was walking to the Ganges with her friends. The girl's beauty, qualities, and behavior were famous throughout the three worlds. 
Accidently, Visvambhara Hari glanced at her, and at that time He realized why He had appeared on this earth. Laksmi Thakurani, the daughter of Vallabhacarya, understood the same thing. In her mind she took the lotus feet of Visvambhara on her head.
Vanamali Acarya, fully understanding their minds, paid a visit to Sacimata a few days later. Vanamali offered respects to Sacimata, smiled, and said in a sweet voice, "There is a girl just suitable to marry your son. Her beauty, qualifies, and behavior are unequalled in the three worlds. She is the daughter of the illustrious Vallabhacarya. If you desire, please give your permission." 
Sacidevi replied, "My son is still a boy. Let Him continue studying for now. He has no father, so allow Him to grow up and mature a little."
Disappointed, Vanamali Acarya left abruptly. Outside on the road he wailed loudly, "Alas, Gauracandra' Vanamali lamented to himself, "O purifier of the fallen souls. You are known as a kalpa-taru, a wish-fulfilling tree. But why aren't You satisfying my desire? 
"All glories to You who delivered Draupadi from fear and harassment. All glories to You who rescued Gajendra from the jaws of the crocodile. All glories to You who delivered Ajamila from the prostitute. O father of the universe, now please give me Your mercy and save me!"
While attending school, Visvambhara became aware of Vanamali's distress. Visvambhara packed up His books, bade farewell to His guru and left the tol. He walked with the beautiful gait of a mad elephant. 
The ornaments on Gauranga's body were shining brightly. The universe became charmed by seeing His hair hanging in bunches 6f curly locks. Gaura's splendidly-colored lips defeated the hue of red Bandhull flowers. His dazzling white teeth looked like rows of pearls. Patches of fragrant sandalwood paste beautified His mind-enchanting form. Very fine white cloth was expertly and attractively wrapped around His graceful form. 
The Lord's transcendental beauty surpassed the captivating power of millions of Cupids. Indeed, Gauranga's delightful form is like Cupid,s net for ensnaring the innocent deer that are the hearts of the chaste girls of Nadia.
Visvambhara walked quickly down the road to meet Vanamali Acarya. Indeed, Visvambhara is a wish-fulfilling tree to satisfy the desires of His devotees. Seeing Visvambhara in the distance, Vanamali raised his hand and ran to meet the Lord while crying, "Ha! Alas !" Vanamali fell at Mahaprabhu's feet. The Lord smiled, quickly picked him up, and embraced him.
Visvambhara asked in a sweet voice, "Acarya, where have you been?" 
Vanamali replied, "Listen Visvambhara, Your mother is good natured, so I revealed my mind to her. I told her about a girl who is just suitable to be Your marriage partner. She's full of all good qualities and is the daughter of Vallabhacarya. She's the perfect match for You. But when I proposed this to Your mother, she didn't consider it important. So now I'm returning home."
The Lord listened silently, smiled slightly, and went home. Seeing Visvambhara's sweet smile, Vanamali became hopeful that the Lord would soon marry. He felt happy as he walked home.
At home Visvambhara asked His mother, "What did you say to Vanamali Acarya? He looked very morose when I just saw him on the road. I felt unhappy to see his sad face. What did you say to make him so upset?" 
Sacimata immediately understood the inner meaning of her son's words. She sent someone to quickly bring Vanamali Acarya. Overwhelmed with bliss, Vanamali ran to Sacidevi's house. He fell at her feet and in a faltering voice said, "Why have you called me?" 
Sacidevi said, "Carry out your previous proposal. To satisfy everyone I sanction Visvambhara's marriage. Your affection for Visvambhara is greater than mine. Now just make the necessary arrangements for His mardage."
Happily accepting Sacidevi's request, Vanamali Acarya ran to Vallabhacarya's house with the proposal. Vallabhacarya cordially welcomed the Acarya and said, "I am fortunate to see you. Please tell me why you have come." 
Vanamali said, "I have been drawn to your house because of your continual affection. Sri Visvambhara, the son of Jagannatha Misra, comes from an exalted brahmana family and possesses all good qualities and character. 
"Providence himself has decorated Visvambhara with all wonderful attributes. He is glorified throughout the three worlds. Therefore how is it possible for me to adequately describe Him? Visvambhara is definitely the perfect person to become your son-in-law. Now you decide."
Vallabhacarya said, "I'm very grateful to hear your proposal. Because I'm poor, however, I have nothing to give in charity except my beautiful daughter. If this is acceptable to you, then I am ready to offer my daughter in marriage to Visvambhara. The rsis, sages, ancestors and demigods will rejoice over this marriage. This marriage arrangement must be the result of my having peformed many austerities. You are my greatest friend. Although until now I didn't express it, you are fulfilling my deepest desire."
Vanamali went to Sacidevi's house to inform her about the conversation. Hearing about it and becoming pleased, Sacidevi gave her blessings to Vanamali. Saci's friends and relatives happily received the news, approved unanimously, and chanted "Very good ! Very good !"