Kavi Karnapura Goswami(Paramananda Sen) – Video

Shivananda Sen was a favorite disciple of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He had three sons, namely Shri Chaitanya dasa, Shri Ramadasa and Shri Paramananda (Kavi Karnapura). Before Kavi Karnapura appeared, Lord Chaitanya gave him the name “Puri Dasa.” Shivananda Sena brought Puri Dasa to meet Lord Chaitanya in Jagannatha Puri. Shivananda induced his infant son to offer dandavats to the Lord. Suddenly, in great ecstasy, the baby grabbed Gauranga’s foot and sucked the Lord’s lotus petal toe. Voicing their approval, the assembled Devotees chanted Hari! Hari!
At age seven, Kavi Karnapura received nama mantra directly from Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Ordered and empowered by the Lord, the boy instantly composed a wonderfully sweet, poetic Sanskrit verse. Everyone present felt deeply moved and satisfied with his recitation.
Understanding that the boy had received Lord Chaitanya’s mercy, Shri Svarupa Damodara said: “Since this boy’s poetry pleases the heart, and completely fills the ears with nectar, his name will be “Kavi Karnapura.” (kavi means poetry; karna-ear; pura-full).

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